The Effect of Alcohol (ethanol) and Boiled Distilled Water in The Treatment of Oral Venous Malformations: A comparative study

Marwa Attyia؛ Imad Noorali؛ Mudher Alsunbuli

المجلد 2، العدد 1 ، يوليو 2023، ، الصفحة 28-34

  Introduction: The head and neck region are a common location for benign blood vessel lesions called vascular malformations. There is no well-established procedure for reducing the size of benign oral vascular lesions, even though the fact that sclerotherapy is one of the first-line treatments utilized for this goal. The current study's purpose was to assess and contrast the effectiveness of intra-lesion sclerotherapy injections of boiled distilled water and alcohol in treating superficial mucosal vascular malformations in the maxillofacial region. Materials and methods: In the soft tissues of the ...  أكثر